South Korean giant Samsung was looking to defeat US-based company Apple?s demand for a permanent sales ban of certain Samsung handsets, while arguing in court on January 30, 2014. Samsung argued that Apple?s request was an attempt to create fear among telecom carriers and retailers which carry the products of Samsung.

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Samsung attorney Kathleen Sullivan – during a hearing in federal court in San Jose – told US Judge Lucy Koh that this ban will enable Apple to return to court quickly and argue that new Samsung phones must also be banned. Sullivan said, ?An injunction would create fear and uncertainty for the carriers and retailers with whom Samsung has very important customer relationships.? Meanwhile, William Lee, Apple’s attorney said that the jury has already found that almost two dozen handsets infringed the patents of Apple and that Apple lost sales to Samsung because of it.

The American company’s request for permanent injunction on various products of Samsung is one of many legal fights over the patents owned by Apple. Some of those patents include the use of fingers to pinch and zoom on the screen, as well as design elements like phone?s flat, black glass screen.

Koh had earlier rejected the sales ban, but the US court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit instructed her to reconsider in November 2013.

Photo Credits: The Hindu