Japan has marked the highest number of foreign workers at the end of October 2013 and that number stood at 717,504. The number has increased 5.1 percent, compared to 2012 and the figures were revealed by the country’s Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry on January 31, 2014.

foreign workers in japan

The figure is the highest one yet since it became mandatory for employers to submit reports on foreign workers to the ministry in 2007. The increase in the number of foreign employees also reflects an improvement in the employment situation in Japan during economic recovery. The ministry says that Japan is taking further steps in order to hire foreigners with special skills.

The number of foreign workers from China was the highest – at 303,886, or 42.4 percent of the total. This number is followed by Brazilians at 95,505 or 13.3 percent, Filipinos at 80,170 or 11.2 percent and Vietnamese at 37,537 or 5.2 percent. Out of all foreign workers, 27.3 percent of them are in Tokyo, followed by 10.9 percent in Aichi Prefecture, 5.9 percent in Kanagawa Prefecture, 5.3 percent in Osaka Prefecture and 5.2 percent in Osaka Prefecture.

The government will be considering more foreign workers under the growth strategy and reviewing training programs for foreigners. In recent times, the country has been recruiting an increased number of skilled foreign workers, who helped to improve the economic situation.

Photo Credits: NY Times