The president of China, Xi Jinping will be making his first foreign visit in 2014 to Russia. The president announced that he will be staying in Russia from February 6, 2014 until February 8, 2014 and will also be present at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

xi jinping

Back in March 2013, Xi visited Russia for a few days after he took the office as the president of China. The upcoming event will also mark the first attendance by a Chinese president at a huge overseas sports event, which shows China’s strong support for the Olympics, as well as Russia’s efforts to host the games.

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in August 2008 was attended by Vladimir Putin, who was Russian prime minister at the time. Apart from Xi’s state visit, the Chinese president met the Russian president Putin four times at international events in 2013. China and Russia have displayed a mutual support and understanding regarding issues which are important for both nations.

Li Hui, the Chinese Ambassador to Russia stated that the president Xi’s state visit in 2013 opened a new page and brought the bilateral relations to a new level. The two countries will also be marking the 65th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations in 2014 and in addition, both Russia and China are looking forward to stronger ties in the future.

Photo Credits: Ria