Indian consumer products manufacturer Godrej has unveiled a new and exclusive experience center in Dubai. The latest center is spread across 4,200 square meters and has been built in partnership with a leading local business conglomerate.

exclusive exoerience centre godrej

The new center by the company displays products such as the security-related ones and locking solutions, furniture for offices and laboratories, as well as health care segments. The center also features a replica of a bank vault room with sturdy room door and locker cabinets inside. Godrej group has launched the center in collaboration with the Zayani and Company.

Vikas Choudaha, the senior vice-president and head commercial at Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Co Ltd said, “By launching this showroom in the UAE with our long-time partners Zayani & Company, we are cementing our strong commitment to the development of business in this region.” He went on to say that the recent launch of the center is a part of their commitment to bring the company closer to their customers who reside in the Middle East and North Africa.

The company opened its offices in Saudi Arabia and UAE and Godrej and the Zayani Group have been partners in the UAE since 1961. Godrej was established in India in 1897 with its headquarters in Mumbai and is managed largely by the Godrej family.

Photo Credits: MHDoman