A number of low-cost airlines in China now have a golden opportunity to expand themselves in the country’s aviation market, due to new aviation rules. A change in the regulation was recently introduced by the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) of China, so there can be more Chinese low-cost airline carriers.

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According to the new regulation, the CAA published a notice to remove limits on the lowest price, which means that airlines can now offer more discounts to their passengers. The former regulations mentioned that the biggest discount for air tickets was 45%. Moreover, main carriers of China, as well as private capital investors are being encouraged by the administration to invest more money into low-cost airlines.

Meanwhile, the civil aviation authority is working on a number of specific policies in order to support the growth of the nation’s low-cost airlines. Xia Xinghua – the deputy director of the administration – during a seminar said that the CAA will also be working on airline purchases and route applications.

So far, Chinese airlines have been facing problems in airplane purchases, jet fuel prices and route applications, but the current situation might change due to the authority’s support. The authority is looking to improve standards of Chinese low-cost airlines.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia