The central government of China issued a guideline on February 10, 2014 in order to develop the food industry of the nation. The move has been made by the country’s government with a goal to improve people’s nutritional intake.


The notice was issued on the official website of the government and it has been stated that the government of China will establish systems to provide supply of good, high quality food, as well as a system which will guide people to improve their nutrition. The guideline also mentioned that the production capacity of food has been increased and the diet and health of people in China have been improved, however, food production in the country did not yet meet demand for nutrition.

With this in mind, the government has decided to create a mechanism which will keep an eye on people’s diet. The system will also improve supervision, as well as information analysis and intervene in those areas where people are suffering from bad nutrition. The guideline mentioned that lack of micro nutrients, as well as an excess of fat needs to be addressed.

The guideline set goals for the food industry and nutritional health and it has been stated that by 2020, the annual grain output of China will be maintained at 550 million tones or more. The annual growth rate of added value will remain at ten percent or above.

Photo Credits: China CN