Google is wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day with a brand new doodle. This time, the popular doodle on the home page has a humorous twist. When users open the search engine’s home page, they will find red jingling figures of two people and a big heart between them.


After clicking the play button, the logo turns into a chocolate box with Google written across its front. Later, this opens up and users are able to see three chocolate cases and a chopping board featuring ingredients which users can click through in order to make their significant other a batch of three e-treats.

Toppings are also available and they include walnuts, gummies bears, sprinkles, healthy cherries, strawberries, raspberries and almonds. The search engine has also given an option to people who are not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day and they have the possibility to adorn their chocolates with salt, as well as ants.

The finished product is then wrapped in a red tin and gives users a link with which they can share their chocolates online. The link then takes the recipient to the Google Search page with a tin of sweets wrapped in a red ribbon, which is hovering above the search bar. When the tin is opened, the ribbon opens up to read ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.

Photo Credits: India Times


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