There was a time when passwords were considered to be the most trusted security measure, however, these days, it is becoming increasingly easier to crack them. In order to find new ways to have secured passwords, search engine giant Google has decided to acquire SlickLogin and the start-up team from Israel will move to the offices of Google in the United States.

slick login

The new technology will help users to get rid of the burden of entering pins and passwords for two-factor authentication. For the time being, Google follows a two-step process where an SMS code is being sent in order to verify users.

Reports say that SlickLogin can be used as the second level in this two-step verification process or can even replace the whole username and password method entirely. When a user visits a website with a SlickLogin-enabled login process, users have to just click on the login button and place their phone close to the computer.

Initially, the technology will verify the position of the phone in order to determine if it is not an attempt to fool the system and this includes different factors like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC.

Photo Credits: Dashburst


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