The birth control policy in Beijing has been relaxed on February 21, 2014. The new policy will enable couples to have a second child, under the condition that either parent is an only child.

family planning

The Beijing Population and Family Planning Regulations received an amendment which was approved during a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress. It has also been reported that the government of Beijing will be offering support by improving hospitals, primary schools and nurseries, in addition to protecting women’s right to have a maternity leave.

The latest change has been made to the city’s family planning policy, which has been in effect for more than thirty years. It is part of a plan to increase the fertility rate, as well as ease the financial burden of a population that is aging rapidly. Tianjin Municipality and the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Anhui have also changed their policy after Beijing.

Meanwhile, the Provincial-level governments in Guanxi, Hubei and Jiangsu have also confirmed their plans to relax the policy in March, 2014. Others provinces – including Hunan, Shanghai and Qinhai – have also assured that they will introduce the changes in their family planning policy during the first half of 2014. The family planning policy was criticized by the people of China for a long time and the recent decision has been made because of it.

Photo Credits: Kuwaittimes