Recent reports have claimed that the social networking giant Facebook was planning to shut down its network in Korea, due to low ad revenue. Benjamin Joe, the head of Facebook Korea said that Korea is a unique market and that over 90 percent of users access the social network through smartphones.

Korea FB

He went on to say that there has been an increase in personnel in the last two years and it is expected that there might be plans for further expansion in future. Joe’s comments came following rumors that the social giant might shut down its operations in the country due to low ad revenue. Joe said, “Facebook sees Korea as an important country due to its high mobile usage and the presence of global companies like Samsung and Hyundai”.

He also stated that this makes Korea an important testing platform for Facebook. In recent times, the US-based company has been investing heavily in global mobile applications. Last week, the social network surprised the global market by purchasing the popular messaging app WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion.

The mobile usage in Korea has been increasing in recent times and the number of daily mobile users increased 17.7 percent, to 7.3 million in December 2013. Korean handset manufacturers like Samsung and LG are important partners of Facebook.

Photo Credits: Socialbakers


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