France-based car maker Peugeot will begin selling its first air-powered hybrid car from 2015. The new vehicle will have the ‘Hybrid Air’ engine system, which is the first one to combine petrol with compressed air. While talking about the car’s capabilities, the company said that it can reduce petrol costs by 80 percent when driven in cities.


In a press release, Peugeot said, “Air power would be used solely for city driving, automatically activated below 43 mph”. This means that the vehicle actually has two engines: one gasoline engine and the other is an air engine, which is used under the speed of 70 mph. The vehicle can be driven on petrol or air, or even on the combination of both.

The company has assured that by 2020, the vehicle will be able to reach an average of 117 miles per gallon. The latest system engine can be a breakthrough for hybrid vehicles everywhere, as expensive batteries might not be needed anymore. Moreover, drivers will not have to worry about running out of air, as the car is able to adjust itself with the help of a device that makes sure it replenishes everything automatically.

Peugeot was established in 1810 and its headquarters are located in Paris, the French capital.

Photo Credits: The Green car website


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