Electronics manufacturing giant Panasonic Corp announced on February 27, 2014 that it has created the ‘Space Player’, which is a new kind of lighting equipment that combines the functions of traditional lighting, as well as video projectors. The new equipment creates new options in spatial lighting for the market of ambient lighting.


The ‘Space Player’ will be launched in the Japanese market on July 1, 2014. The lighting equipment has been specifically designed for the ambient lighting market. The electronics giant said that the Space Player displays the concept of ‘projection lighting’ and uses projected visuals for lighting in order to create a a number of ambient lighting possibilities.

For instance, the new projection spotlight is able to light up an object while a video is being projected or product descriptions are being projected onto the surrounding space. It also has the ability to attract the attention of customers on a product which has been on display. Apart from the design, the Space Project adopts a wiring duct installation method.

The design is in the shape of a spotlight, which allows it to fit into any kind of surroundings. Such features make the lighting easy to be installed at different stores and facilities. It is a system where the lighting system can be easily changed and also has the ability to playback from SD cards over a Wi-Fi network.

Photo Credits: Design Boom