Once again, Indian Railways has proved its ability by launching another innovative scheme which is known as the SMS Gateway. The new technology allows passengers to get SMS alerts of their reserved tickets. The new SMS Gateway has been developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), which is an autonomous organization under the country’s Ministry of Railways.


The technology will be useful to passengers, as they will be able to get SMS alerts in case of status change. The SMS alerts before the chart preparation will be sent once a day, but only is the status changes. Moreover, passengers will start getting the status 5 days before the date of their journey.

The SMS alerts will inform passengers of the actual berth and RAC numbers for people whose final charting status has changed compared to the initial booking status. The alert will also be sent in case of any ticket upgradation, as well as seat re-allotment.

This kind of facility will help in reducing the inquiry rush on the PNR status websites and call centers, in addition to reducing the crowding at the pasted chart locations on the railway platforms. The best part is that the service will be provided to users free of charge.

Photo Credits: The Hindu Business Line