The Peugeot 308 hatchback claimed the coveted Car of The Year award on March 3, 2014. The latest news comes as a boost for the French-based company, as it was recently rescued by the French state, as well as China’s Dongfeng.


The decision regarding the award was made by a panel of European automobile journalists who chose the company’s 308 vehicle among a number of finalists that also included Tesla’s Model S – which is an American luxury electric car – just one day before the opening of the Geneva International Motor Show.

Maxime Picat, the head of Peugeot brand said, “We talked a lot about Peugeot during these last months, we talked a lot about many many things but not about cars. I’m really pleased to speak about cars and the wonderful new 308.” The struggling company got some relief in February 2014, after it handed over part control to the French state, as well as Dongfeng, which is China’s state-owned company.

Car analysts said that the company’s Car of The Year award can lead to the increase in sales of the 308. The company has already received 55,000 orders of the model, which was launched by the end of 2013. In recent times, the company faced a decrease in sales due to its dependence on the falling European auto market.

Photo Credits: Swotti


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