US-based software giant Microsoft announced that it will terminate its support for the popular Windows XP software on April 9, 2014. Microsoft will not be offering anti-virus support for XP any longer, including monthly security patches and system updates.


The software giant launched XP in Japan in 2001 amidst plenty of excitement among enthusiasts for the new operating system. The OS has also been a massive success in the Japanese market. Even though the company made the announcement in 2013, the majority of companies are yet to upgrade their Windows operating systems.

Officials from the companies stated that they have been hesitant when it comes to upgrading in order to avoid the cost of replacing computers. A survey that was conducted by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry in October 2013 mentioned that about 37% of local PCs of the governments will not be updated by April 9, 2014 deadline.

Attempts are also being made by Microsoft to help companies to shift to newer PCs, as it offers an option to delay payment for the cost of upgrading after the deadline. On the other hand, it is much easier for individuals to upgrade when it comes to the cost. Microsoft has warned that the upgrade is essential as most users use mainly web browsers and emails which are prone to cyber attacks.

Photo Credits: Geeky Gadgets


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