French vehicle manufacturer Renault considers the Chinese market to be one of the most important markets when it comes to sales. Dongfeng Renaut, which is the Sino-French joint venture is looking to increase yearly sales of 750,000 units in three steps, following the beginning of production which is scheduled for 2016.


Jerome Stoll, the executive vice-president of Renault S.A.S said on March 6, 2014 that the company will sell 150,000 units in the first stage in 2016. In the second step, the annual sales are expected to climb to 350,000 and the third stage will see 600,000 units, but can even reach 740,000. Ana Nicholls, Managing Editor at Economist Intelligence Unit said, “Renault sold just over 34,000 vehicles to China last year, mostly imported from South Korean subsidiary Renault Samsung Motors – that’s a tiny number given the market size”.

At present, the French car maker offers only imported cars to consumers in China and the sales volume are mostly contributed by the model Clios via 80 dealers in the market. The company has an international volume market share of three percent. Due to this, Stoll expects the Chinese market will contribute at least equivalent performance.

The company is also looking to expanding its dealership networks to 150 by 2016.

Photo Credits: Car News China


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