US-based commercial airlines, Hawaiian Airlines said that it will be suspending its non-stop service to Taiwan in April 2014. Moreover, the airline is set to reassign that route’s aircraft to its non-stop service to Seoul. The company explained that it was expecting an increase in demand following certain changes to the US visa rules, however, that could not be materialized.


The latest announcement came after Hawaiian Airlines said that it will be suspending its flights to Fukuoka, Japan in summer 2014. Mark Dunkerley, the president and chief executive officer of Hawaiian Airlines said, “The increase in travellers we had come to expect when the US visa waiver was extended to additional countries has not materialised in Taiwan, and it became evident very quickly that there is insufficient awareness of Hawaii among residents of Taiwan for non-stop service to be successful”.

The Central News Agency said that the Airbus 330-200 with 294 seats – which is currently flying the route in question – will be reassigned to the more popular service of the company in Seoul. Hawaiian Airlines is the biggest and the longest-serving airline of Hawaii, in addition to being the largest provider of passenger air service on the US mainland.

Photo Credits: Travelerstoday