The municipal government Seoul says that it is planning to create diverse tour programs. The latest move will be made in an attempt to attract an increased number of foreign tourists to the capital, as well as to increase their convenience. By 2018, about 125 tours will be developed, which will reflect the unique tastes of tourists from all over the world.


Initially, Seoul is planning to unveil four tour courses for Japanese tourists in 2014, which will concentrate on diverse hands-on experiences, as tourists from Japan tend to come to South Korea many times, as they have an interest in K-pop culture. The programs which are about to be developed are expected to include a chance to sample South Korea’s counter culture, in addition to visiting traditional markets.

For Chinese tourists, the facilities will include visits to the biggest tourist destinations and shopping centres. When it comes to visitors from the Southeast Asian countries, more time will be focused on Korean music and dramas. Other programs – like flower festivals in the spring and skating outings in the winter – will highlight the country’s seasonal features.

For Western visitors, focus will be on visits to traditional heritage sites in the city, like temples and traditional villages as these tourists are often interested in the East Asian culture.

Photo Credits: viator


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