The famous hotel chain operator Hilton Worldwide passed on to Japan its main corporate social responsibility program under which leftover soap can be recycled for reuse in developing Asian countries. The global initiative started by Hilton has been joined by all ten hotels in Japan.


This will also help in improving sanitary conditions of underprivileged children, in addition to reducing waste. Under the program, Hilton Worldwide will collect used bars of soap from over 5,300 hotel rooms in Japan and donate them to a nongovernmental organization based in Hong Kong. The organization will sanitize and process the soaps into new bars. The products are then delivered to the people in need in developing countries which include Myanmar, Vietnam and Philippines, among others.

During the preliminary period in Japan in October 2013, the hotel chain gave away 20,000 recycled bars which were processed out of 2.3 tons of used soap. The soaps were given primarily to those who were affected by typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in November 2013.

The vice president of Hilton Worldwide, Timothy Soper said, “This initiative reinforces our efforts to reduce waste output and strengthen communities”. The new initiative has been made in order to avoid waste and to help people who are in need.

Photo Credits: Hotel Chatter


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