Search engine giant Google will be introducing Android to wearable devices. LG and Motorola have already started rolling out the popular platform, which was dominant for smartphones until now. The recent move will allow developers to create apps for smartwatches and will mark the first phase of the Android Wear platform.

google android

LG and Motorola were quick to jump into the new segment. Google Android chief, Sundar Pichai in a blog post said, “We’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with mobile technology”. The blog post went on to state that this is the reason why they are so excited about wearables and that they understand the context of the world that surrounds us.

The latest news came when the interest in wearable devices has increased in recent times. Moreover, many small and big companies have introduced their smartwatch devices in an attempt to increase competition in the segment. LG said that by the end of June 214, it will launch its first internet-enabled smartwatch device, which will be powered by the new operating system of Google.

Motorola also assured that it will soon launch a similar smartwatch device in summer 2014, starting in the US. A smartwatch device allows users to make calls and receive text and mails.

Photo Credits: CDN


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