North Korea has launched two missiles of medium range into the sea off the country’s east coast. The move was immediately criticized by Seoul and Washington and was labeled as a provocation.

Korea missiles

The government of South Korea informed that the suspected Rodong ballistic missiles were launched early on March 26, 2014 and that they flew about 650 kilometers before landing into the sea between Korea and Japan. The latest development is an escalation for Pyongyang, which has test-fired a number of short-range Scud missiles in the previous weeks.

The spokesperson for the Defense Ministry of Seoul, Kim Min-seok said that the move is a serious provocation and noted that the missiles have been fired in order to send a political message. The spokesperson added, “North Korea’s missile launch this time is a clear violation against United Nations Security Council resolutions.”

It was also expressed that it is a serious provocation against South Korea and the international society. It was also said that North Korea did not provide any warning beforehand and added to concerns about the safety of commercial flights and ships passing through the area.

Photo Credits: Live Mint


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