Indian telecom giant Tata Docomo has announced new billing plans on April 1, 2014. The new plans will offer voice and data schemes for families which are subject to a maximum of six connections.


The Tata Group company released a statement which read, “The same tariff rates will be applicable across all group members and will generate a consolidated bill for all the connections within the group, minimizing the effort of managing multiple bill cycles and payment dates”. The company also stated that the new family plans will range from Rs. 849 – offering a maximum of three connections – to Rs. 1449, which allows up to 6 connections.

The company also said that users will be able to upgrade their plans if the number of their connections increases, without any additional charges. Each plan that is offered by Tata Docomo allows free local calling within the user group and each family plan has free minutes for local and national long-distance calls with free SMSes.

The plans also offer pooled data usage from 500 MB in the Rs. 849 plan, as well as 2 GB under the Rs. 1,449 scheme. The Mobility Business Unit head Rohit Tandon said that they have taken another step to simplify and enhance telecom needs of their customers.

Photo Credits: Knowyourmobile


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