It has been reported that the number of tourists from abroad arriving in Indonesia in January 2014 and February 2014 has reached 1,455,745. The recent figure shows an increase from 1,292,743 during the same period in 2013.

foreign tourists

The country’s Tourism and Economic Minister Mari Elka Pangestu in Jakarta said, “The trend is quite good, and it is hoped that it will rise further in the coming months so that we can achieve – or even possibly exceed – our target of between 9.3 million and 9.4 million foreign tourist arrivals for the year”. Pangestu went on to say that the increase was significantly higher than the growth recorded in 2013, which marked only 9.4 percent.

Official data revealed that the number of tourists from abroad arriving from month to month was not constant. For example, foreign tourist arrivals in February 2014 stood at 702,666. Pangestu also said that foreign tourist arrivals in January 2014 had 753,079 and the figure witnessed a decline of 6.6 percent.

Many airports – which are the main gateways for foreign visitors to Indonesia – had to close for a number of days due to visibility problems caused by the thick volcanic ash after eruptions. The minister said that many international events in February 2014 have helped in attracting more foreign tourists.

Photo Credits: The Malaysian Times


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