South Korean tech giant Samsung on April 1, 2014 denied through its attorney that it stole technology from the US-based tech giant Apple. Samsung clarified that its mobile devices run on Android software, which was completely designed by Google engineers.

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While addressing jurors, the attorney for Samsung, Peter Quinn in the opening statement at the patent infringement trial said that Apple is a great company, but does not own everything and that its claims are unfounded. The trial took place in US District Court in San Jose , where Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co. are accusing one another of stealing ideas.

If Apple’s claims are proven, then the cost to the South Korean company can reach up to $2 billion. On the other hand, if Apple loses the litigation, the costs are expected to be about $6 million. The trial is the latest round in the never-ending series of lawsuits between the two tech giants over mobile devices. Quinn went on to say that the gripe of Apple is with Android – which is developed by Google – and now makes 70 percent of the global market when it comes to operating systems.

Experts have opined that the litigation might lead to more expensive smartphones and devices.

Photo Credits: Macfiles