The leadership of Libya announced on Sunday, April 13, 2014 that the interim prime minister denied a parliamentary mandate in order to form a new government. It has been reported that the interim prime minister Abdullah al-Thinni announced that he will resign from his post. The latest move is most likely going to compound the difficulties which the government already faces, as it is divided and deals with widespread unrest, as well as militia violence.

Libya Militant Nabbed

The soon-to-be former minister of the country Abdullah al-Thinni announced on the website of the government that he will leave his post, but will continue to stay on as the leader of the cabinet until his replacement is found. Abdullah will become the second prime minister of Libya to resign within two months and this is yet another indication of the country’s instability. While talking about the reason behind his resignation, Thinni said that it was to protect the interest of the country so that different sides are not dragged into a fight, in which there can be no winner.

The prime minister also revealed that an armed attack on him and his family on April 12, 2014 in a residential neighborhood was one of the reasons behind his resignation. Thinni went on to say that he does not want to be the cause of any fighting or bloodshed.

Meanwhile, the officials at Libya’s nascent security forces were not available for comment. The country’s prime minister did not reveal who attacked him during the weekend.

Photo Credits: Guardian


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