The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in Myanmar said that there will be 48 brand new hotels which will offer a total of 37,024 rooms and they will be opened all over the country in the upcoming three months. In 2013, the country had 923 hotels and more than 30,000 rooms.


On the other hand, Myanmar had only 787 hotels in 2012. Some regions of the country experienced an increase in the number of hotels, but still failed to accommodate rising number of tourists from abroad. These days, tourists coming to the country are interested in visiting remote areas of Myanmar, like Kachin, Chin, Kayah and Shan States which were out of bounds in the past, however, the main problem is that these areas cannot provide appropriate accommodation.

One of the tourist guides said that in Chin State, there are southern and northern parts, but tourists are mostly interested in visiting Natmataung in the southern part. The guide went on to say that the they usually send tourists to the northern parts Teedin and Harkhar townships, but the number of hotels there is very small.

The tourist guide Ye Htet also mentioned that even if there are hotels there, they do not meet international standards. At the moment, there are bungalows being constructed near Reed Lake and the number of tourists in these regions is expected to increase. In 2014, Myanmar expects to have 3 million tourists and 7 million in 2015.

Photo Credits: Asianews


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