Social networking giant Facebook will reportedly be switching to fewer ads, but they will be bigger in size and will be located on the right-hand side of the popular website’s desktop PC version. The latest move has been made because Facebook users tend to respond more frequently to the ads.


The ads on the right-hand display will be the same size as the so-called News Feed ads, which feature paid marketing messages displayed straight to the stream of news and content of users. The move will also make advertising on the social networking site simpler and easier for marketers. This means that they will not have to use different images for different types of ads any longer.

Facebook announced its progress in a business blog. The social network said that it also launched tests of the new ad design. No specifications have been provided for the time being, but usually the term means some type of interaction between users like clicking on the ad, re-sharing it or posting a comment.

The social network did not reveal how many ads will appear in the right-hand column, however, a sample image on the blog has suggested a single ad. Facebook says that some advertisers will start seeing the new option later in April 2014.

Photo Credits: Sprout social