South Korean giant Samsung launched its new, highly-anticipated Galaxy S5 featuring a fingerprint scanner similar to that of Apple’s iPhone 5. However, it has been reported that researchers from the German-based company Security Research Labs have showcased that the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S5 device is not really secure.


In a video, the company’s researchers showed how the fingerprint scanner in question can be bypassed with the help of a ‘wood glue spoof’. This can be made easily by using a mold of a fingerprint smudge which is left on the device’s screen. Moreover, the same hack was used on the iPhone 5s in 2013. Researchers went on to state that the spoof enabled them to easily bypass security on the S5 device.

The spoof has been made by using a camera phone photo of an unprocessed latent print on a smartphone screen. The researchers have released a video which showcased how Samsung’s integration of the fingerprint security into PayPal and other apps is a cause of concern and especially since the phone enables multiple attempts to log in.

Moreover, this kind of a spoof gives hackers more incentives to learn how to cheat the fingerprint scanner of the device. In conclusion, it has been said that the South Korean company executed the authentication process on the smartphone poorly.

Photo Credits: Cnet


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