Auto giant Mahindra India is all set to launch its first electric two wheeler in the US market. The two wheeler is expected to be released during the middle of 2014.It has been reported that a team in Palo Alto, California is preparing the new vehicle which has been named GenZe.


California is known for having a very tough vehicle emission legislation and the new Mahindra GenZe can be perceived as a good instance of innovation led by legislation. The latest vehicle by Mahindra is set to be the new fun and quick way to move around. Reports said that the new electric scooter will be priced at $3,000. The vehicle had its debut in the US in September 2013.

In addition to that, the scooter has been conceived at Silicon Valley and belongs to the company’s single global initiative to solve the rising problem of transportation in crowded cities across the globe. Sources have stated that the two-wheeler research and development center in Pune, India is also having a similar project filled with development-related activities. Moreover, a prototype is reportedly already in place.

When it comes to the vehicle, the GenZe has a simple design with plenty of utility. The GenZe can carry a rider along with groceries and laundry.

Photo Credits: CDN


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