Asia Bizz: Apple Ping Making A Strong Statement To Rivals, As Number In Sign Up’s Increase

Apple’s latest iTunes dedicated social networking site, Ping is making seriously a strong statement in the world of social networking, as the number of people signing up is increasing steadily. It has only been 48 hours that the new website has been launched by Apple, and it already has some one million members on it.

Ping logo

Some one third of the people who are using iTunes have downloaded iTunes 10 from ping, and as much as they download the more the members will increase. But we cant count the chicks before they hatch, the number of people on Ping is nothing compared to Facebook, Twitter or any other large social networking website.

But then there is a breather for Apple, there are some 160 million people who are using iTunes in the world, and no doubt Ping can bring them in too. But then if we are trying to talk about being a rival here to twitter and Facebook, just give it a pause and think, well we dont think so its going to be so soon.