Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Choo launched a brand new, one-off range of shoes in Japan on April 18, 2014. The famous designer’s latest range of shoes is made by using materials, as well as techniques which are native to the disaster-hit Fukushima area. The latest move has been made in order to improve the profile of artisans located in the area.


Choo came up with the idea of creating the line after he visited artisans in the area. The Fukushima region is still struggling to deal with the disaster which hit in 2011. While he was there, the designer found materials which have been made in the area for hundreds of years, for instance Aizu cotton, Aizu lacquer ware and Kawamata silk.

The London-based designer said, “When I looked at the fabric, I felt it was very, very unusual, especially when I saw the workshop, the tradition 250 years old”. Choo went on to say that they use their own material in order to create the fabric, but they do not know how important it is to let the world know about the craftsmanship.

The designer also explained that he was very impressed to see true craftsmanship in the Fukushima region and that the artisans there had the power to help tens of thousands of people who remain displaced due to radiation.

Photo Credits: Rappler


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