With the growing popularity of smartphones, the importance of mobile apps is increasing on a daily basis. American tech giants Apple and Google are aware of this and the two companies are trying their best in order to introduce exclusive content to their mobile operating systems.


Both Apple and Google are looking to attract the attention of developers in order to get exclusive content on their platforms. Even though on the surface this might seem like a battle between the two giants for bragging rights, however, it is well-known that games signify a massive revenue path for Google and Apple. The search engine has already clarified that apps will be the main source of internet activity in the upcoming period and will involve deep linking to search results.

In recent times, apps have surpassed the browser when it comes to usage time and games are a major part of this change. It has been reported that mobile games account for more than 30 percent of the entire time spent on smartphones. With this in mind, gaming apps are an important revenue battle front.

Many developers are moving to the in-app purchase segment and Apple and Google will both have major potential when it comes to revenue. When it comes to mobile phones, gaming is a massive factor and something which the Windows Phone is missing out on. This is also the reason why Google and Apple have scored better in terms of attracting game developers.

Photo Credits: Phone Dog


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