The country of China is slowly moving towards progress by inviting investments in rail, harbor and energy sectors. China made announcement 80 major public infrastructure projects on April 23, 2014. The new move has been taken in order to arrest the slowdown in the economy while experimenting with various other aspects in the private as well as overseas investors.

infrastructure china

The State Council executive had made the decision in a meeting with Premiere Li Keqiang, who presided the meeting. This is a second meeting in a month to focus on infrastructure investment. The new projects will also cover harbor and railway construction with new infrastructure to be needed by the information technology. The projects also includes hydropower, photovoltaic power, wind power and modernization projects in oil gas and chemical industries.

The total value of the projects is yet to be specified. Economist have predicted that the overseas investors are likely to benefit from the new infrastructure investment program with domestic private sector investors. The State Council added that the private investments program along with the domestic private sector investors.

The State Council has also decided that the oil and gas exploration, water resources and public utilities and airport construction will be the next on the agenda to be opened in the private sector investment.

Photo Credits: Australia China