Search engine giant Google has introduced a new feature on its Google Maps which takes the user down the memory lane. The new feature was launched on April 23, 2014 to Street View which will show the neighborhoods and landmarks looked like at different in the last seven years.

google maps

The snapshots of Street View will include an option to see on what neighborhoods and landmarks looked like at different periods in the last seven years. Google has dispatched the camera toting cars to take pictures. The search engine will keep adding pictures as the car cruises the same streets while gathering updates.

Vinay Shet, a Google product manager who oversaw the company’s glimpse in to the past said, “As time goes by, many of these images are going to become vintage”. Shet added that they want their maps to be comprehensive as they build a digital mirror of the world. The time tripping option is free as everything else on Google Maps.

The search engine makes revenue through advertising due to which it is constantly coming up with new attractions to keep people coming back. However the pictures date back only from 2007, only some of them will show some dramatic changes like how the neighborhoods in the Tohoku region looked before and after.

Photo Credits: CBS Washington


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