American tech giant Apple will be replacing iPhone 5’s faulty on-off buttons for those customers who are experiencing issues with them. The company also stated that this rare glitch affects a small number of the previous-generation smartphones.


On Apple’s user-support page, the company said that iPhone 5 models which have been manufactured through March 2013 might be affected by this glitch. The glitch causes the button – which is also known as the sleep/wake mechanism – to stop functioning or to work only intermittently. The American company did not comment on how many phones with the faulty buttons were shipped.

However, owners of the iPhone can type in their iPhone serial numbers on the website of Apple and find out if their device qualifies for a fix. Apple customers can then take their gadgets to a store or even mail them to be repaired. Teresa Brewer, the spokeswoman for Apple in a statement said, “Apple will offer the service free of charge to iPhone 5 customers with models that exhibit this issue and have a qualifying serial number”. The US-based tech giant hardly initiates such repair programs for its products and even glitches in its phones are rare.

In 2010, the company admitted that its iPhone 4 might experience signal loss while being handled in a particular way.

Photo Credits: Gadgets


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