Peach Aviation – the Japan-based low-cost carrier – has been making changes to its summer 2014 flight schedule. The airline said that the changes in question have been made due to shortage of flight crew personnel.


According to the company’s latest changes, flights from May 19, 2014 have been affected and this will result in cancellations of certain flights. For now, two flights from Osaka (Kansai) to Hong Kong – previously scheduled for June 2014 – have been confirmed as canceled. Moreover, the low-cost airline stated that any additional changes to the flight schedule from July 2014 will be announced to the public on April 30, 2014.

The company said that customers who wish to change their flights to a different flight of Peach Aviation will be able to do so without any expenses. However, if it happens that a new flight is unavailable or if the affected customer is not able to travel during the preferred period, Peach Aviation confirmed that they will get a refund.

The airline issued a statement which said that the highly competitive environment has created a sudden increase in demand for flight crew in the aviation industry. The statement went on to explain that there has also been an unexpected number of absences due to illness among the company’s flight crew.

Photo Credits: Japan crush