China’s top anti-graft agency stated on April 28, 2014 that 244 corrupt officials were punished last week. It has been reported that these officials were punished for the misuse of government vehicles, which was the primary violation out of 174 cases.


It was found that government vehicles were not used properly in 33 cases. The anti-graft agency stated that 244 officials in China were punished for different misbehaviors, which included sightseeing on public expense, breaking the frugality rules, as well as drinking alcohol during lunch breaks. Out of these, 23 officials were found providing illegal subsidies to civil servants.

In addition to that, 20 cases had officials playing mahjong or even shopping online during working hours, while ten officials were late for work. The names and titles of the officials who were punished were published online on the commission’s site. It has been reported that 719 cases have been announced on the website since April 8, 2014.

The violating officials received penalties, such as administrative demerits, warnings and even removal from posts. In one of the cases, an official drove a government van to his home, after which he was punished with a demerit on his record. Many officials were also punished for accepting gifts and money on the occasions of birthdays, weddings, new residences and even funerals.

Photo Credits: Sun