Some of the biggest Japan-based beverage manufacturers have made a plan to take advantage of the economic growth in Southeast Asia. The Japanese companies are reportedly planning to boost sales in the region with the help of joint ventures with local firms and by buying local makers.


By the end of 2014, Kirin Holdings Co. is planning to start selling dairy products in Vietnam. The launch of dairy products will be done through a Vietnam-based company under its umbrella and Kirin will sell products which are made by Lion Pty, which is a subsidiary in Australia. The company president, Senji Miyake said, “The business opportunities are there. We’ll find a way”.

Meanwhile, Asahi Group Holdings announced on April 10, 2014 that it will acquire a Malaysian dairy product company for 33 billion yen. In addition to that, Asahi established a joint venture firm with a local food maker in Indonesia and it is now selling new green tea product brands in the country.

Japan-based beverage makers are making an effort in the Southeast Asian region, not only because of its expected market growth, but because the domestic market is shrinking and there is projected fall in the Japanese population.

Photo Credits: Japan Daily Press