A new restaurant in Tokyo, known as the Otasuke has started offering special discounts for bald people. The meaning of the restaurant’s name is ‘huge help’ and it is providing discounts for people who are losing their hair due to hard work and stress.


Yoshiko Toyota, the manager and the restaurant’s owner came up with the idea of offering discounts to bald people. The two of them participated in recovery efforts in the Tohoku region and they witnessed hard-working white-collar employees there. The latest offering is their way of expressing gratitude to these hard-working people. Toyota said that they hope these workers will see their baldness as a badge of honor and start wearing it with pride.

It has been reported that bald men who enter the restaurant can get freebies with their menu. In addition to that, huge discounts will be offered to the ones who avail of their buffet. People can get discounts by simply showing their baldness to waiters. A male guest at the restaurant is charged ¥3,780 and a female guest is charged ¥3,240 and if they have a bald friend, then they can get a discount of ¥500 yen.

Meanwhile, a group of people with two bald men will get a discount of ¥750, three bald men in a group ¥1,000 and four ¥1,500. The best part is that five bald men in a group will get you one free buffet.

Photo Credits: Miller development


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