As of May 12, 2014, the popular micro-blogging site Twitter started allowing users to mute posts from other users they are not interested in hearing from. The latest Mute feature from Twitter will reportedly be rolled out to all Twitter accounts in the upcoming weeks.


Paul Rosania, the Twitter product manager said, “You can now mute users you’d like to hear from less”. He went on to say that the muted user will not be able to find out that he or she has been muted and users will also have the option to unmute them at any given time. It has been reported that the new feature will be added to Twitter apps for iPhone and Android and also on site which is accessed through computer web browsers.

Once users mute someone on the site, this will stop any messages that they tweet at the service and will prevent them from appearing in the timeline of whoever pressed the virtual button. Moreover, text or push messages from Twitter accounts which have been muted will not be delivered. Users will be able to see, re-tweet or comment on posts of the ones who have muted them, but the user doing the muting will not be involved in the activity.

Rosania went on to say that the mute feature gives more control when it comes to the content that users see on Twitter by enabling them to remove a user’s content from key parts of the Twitter experience.

Photo Credits: Gannett


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