A brand new lithium battery component has been designed by scientists and it has been reported that the battery is less likely to catch fire and offers effective performance. More importantly, it has been stated that the new battery will enable safer tablets and smartphones.

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Researchers said, “As news reports of lithium-ion battery (LIB) fires in Boeing Dreamliner planes and Tesla electric cars remind us, these batteries – which are in everyday portable devices, like tablets and smartphones – have their downsides”. Geoffrey Coates, Lynden Archer and other colleagues at Cornell University have explained that the danger of LIBs starts with their electrolytes, which is a substance that enables ions to move between the battery’s electrodes.

Usually, the electrolyte contains a flammable liquid. In order to minimize fire incidences, some researchers are working on developing more stable and solid electrolytes. Solid electrolytes are less likely to catch fire, but then their ability to transport ions decreases, especially at room temperature. The team of Coates is determined to deal with both problems and come up with a safer and high-performance battery component.

The efforts of the team have resulted in a new family of solid polymer electrolytes, which is good at conducting lithium ions at room temperature, in addition to minimizing the risk of fire.

Photo Credits: The New age


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