Japan’s government to proliferate ties with Nepal by offering assistance for tunnel road project.

The Japanese government has shown recent interest  in the Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel project in Nepal. The construction of the tunnel will facilitate a smooth connection of the Khantmandu valley with the outside world via road.


 The Japan International Cooperation  Agency (JICA) is currently deciding upon a preliminary design for the tunnel. The project is  2.2 kilometer  tunnel which will  bore through the hills  in the west of the valley.

The joint secretary of the finance ministry in Nepal, Madhu Marashini said ,that  Japanese will lend their support in  implementing  the project  if the current study deems the venture feasible.

He further added that the assurance of Japanese assistance has been almost confirmed since the project has been under consideration with JICA’s South Asia director since 2 months.However the major consideration on whether the aid will be in the form of a grant or a loan is still unclear.

As a token of commitment towards the project, the Japanese government will be hosting a team of high level Nepalese  officials to observe the  Japanese tunnel  technology.  Japan  has the benefit of has several tunnel roads.

The two countries have signed an agreement  to formulate and initial design of the  tunnel road project. It now remains to see whether Japans intentions are purely motivated by generosity or other veiled objectives.

Photo Credits: Junkiri


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