Concerns over safe drinking water in China have led to a sudden surge in the demand for water purifiers.

Unlike air purifiers which are installed in almost every household in China, the concept of having a water purifier in ones home is still unheard of. However in the light of recent reports regarding the pollution in China’s water resources, this above pattern is headed for change.

According to a recent study published by China Market Monitor, the size of the Chinese water purifier market was estimated to be about 9.5 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) last year. The study indicates that the market will grow by 80 percent this year.

Sweden based Bluewater is one of the major companies riding on this new market wave. Bluewater aims to establish its market presence by becoming a company which assures global quality standards.

Peoples concerns sprawling this new demand stem from the data provided by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention which stated in 2011 that only 61 percent of water from China’s major rivers was in category I – III – the standard level for safe drinking water.

China is home to the worlds largest population and it has been battling the problem of air pollution for the longest time.  Now, water safety standards seems to be the latest addition to the country’s  list of woes.


Photo Credits: Inhabitat


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