Non – Chinese residents can breathe a sigh of relief as Applying for a Chinese green card is set to become an easier process.

The Organizational Department and Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on June 2, 2014 said, that the authorities have drafted new regulations regarding permanent residency for foreigners in China. The new regulations will consider more flexible and pragmatic appliance standards.

green card

China is considering to lower the application and approval process when applying for a Chinese green card. Until now the green card policy of China provides permanent residency only for the high end foreign experts, people with some outstanding contributions to the country and people with large investments.

Mark Levine, a professor of English in Beijing said, “I started to prepare for the yearlong application, but I’m still not sure that I can get the card”.

The professor added that one of his friends had given up the process in between due to difficulties in getting various documents. Another citizen Noyan Rona took five years to become an honorary citizen of Shanghai and obtain a green card in 2010. Rona is a native of Turkey and works for a Turkish Garanti Bank in Shanghai.

The foreigner suggested that there should be a loosening the strictness of norms in obtaining of green cards. For instance, if a foreign resident has a green card he cannot enjoy the services as smoothly as a Chinese resident. Availing of medical and banking facilities still remains a task for foreigners in China.

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