Newly inducted Indian Prime Minister is likely to visit Japan this month.

It has been less than a month since Mr. Narendra Modi was elected as the new Prime Minister of India following his landslide victory in the 2014 Indian general elections. Ever since his first day in office, media conjecture about Modi’s first foreign destination visit has been abundant. However, reports are now confirming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Japan within the month of June itself.

narendra modi

This visit by the Indian Prime Minister can be seen a diplomatic development for both the countries. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been looking to increase the influence of Japan on a global stage and also strengthen regional alliances to counter the rise of China. A diplomatic visit of this kind is likely to take forward Abe’s intentions.

Yoshide Suga, the spokesperson of the Japanese government at a press conference in Tokyo said, “Prime Minister Abe has invited new Prime Minister Modi to visit Japan, and the two countries are making final adjustments for that”. The two governments are currently finalising the dates for the diplomatic visit.

India is considered as a huge market place for Japan’s infrastructural firms and has been the recipient of the frequent development loans and aids. Also, an alliance between the two countries could be a confidence builder against the rising economic and military clout of China. Both India and Japan have had a rocky relationship with China, frequent territorial disputes have strained the ties between India and China.

Thus, in such a climate, India and Japan fostering bi-lateral ties is anticipated to be a correct political move.

Photo Credits; Newsweek


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