Tokyo’s Haneda airport to have more slots increasing influx of flights.

The number of available international flights to Tokyo will be increased at Tokyo International Airport in Haneda. The recent development comes in light of the 2020 Olympic games preparation.

tokyo's Haneda airport

The Ministry of Land and Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism is planning to temporarily lift the regulations surrounding noise pollution and other issues over the air space of Tokyo.The changes are being made to increase the number of flights departing and arriving at the Haneda and Narita airports. A transport Ministry panel said that most of the extra slots at Haneda are expected to go to foreign airlines.

Media reports state that the ministry is planning to extend the time limit of planes flying through the air space over Shinagawa, Edogawa, Ota and Koto wards by four hours in the evening.

Moreover, the panel has also suggested greater usage of the runway at Haneda. Officials of the Aviation ministry are expecting an excess of 80,000 International flights through the Haneda Airport in the next six years leading up to the 2020 Olympics.

Haneda and Narita will have a total of five new runways to accommodate more flights in the near future.

Photo Credits: Nikkei


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