WhatsApp introduces new features enhancing user privacy and safety.

Cross-platform instant messaging service WhatsApp has introduced new features which will enhance user privacy and safety.


The new features are as follows:

‘With You For You Always’: This is a India specific security group that the Delhi police have reportedly started. The creation of such a security group in the application which will help to exchange useful information and inputs about public safety and welfare. Users will also be able to report about any incident of corruption taking place in and around the area. As per official reports, the online chat groups will be monitored by the district DCP and Joint CP as well. The senior officers will also inform the public over chat messages about the status of their complaints.

Switch of Last Seen: Though this setting has been available on WhatsApp for a while now, many users are not aware of it. The privacy settings option allows the users to hide their last seen band. Thus, no one else can see when you have last checked your WhatsApp messages. Only Android users will be able to switch from ‘seen’ to ‘unseen’ status many times in a day.

Conversation Backup: Users will also be able to have a back up of the chats if they are accidentally deleted. The entire chat list can be seen in the ‘Chat History’ option. The users have to set up a time period which will indicate how often the back up must occur.

Cloud Send: Users can share much more than images and videos with WhatsApp, using the Cloud Send feature. With Cloud Send, you can get across a DOC, APK, ZIP, or PDF file to any person on your contacts list

Photo Credits: Jagran


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