Obama reaffirms commitment towards immigration at nurses meet.

United States president Barack Obama has once again assured of his commitment towards the Immigration reform by meeting with nurses at the White House on June 9, 2014. A reform in the legal immigration system of the United States will give immigrant nurses an opportunity to stay in the US legally.


In this way the nurses will also get a chance to grow their skills and not be inhibited by their illegal citizenship status. Also, it could help the US to attract the best and brightest immigrants from across the globe who meet the requirements of the health industry.

Obama at the meeting reminded and emphasised his commitment to pass the commonsense immigration reform. He also highlighted the importance of medical professionals and nurses. Ever since his inception as the president of the United States, ethnic and other minorities in the country have been pining their hope upon Obama to change the country’s immigration norms.

The White House said, “The President reaffirmed he will continue to do what he can to rally supporters because he wants to see immigration reform become a reality”. The statement added that the Congress must act to pass the commonsense immigration reform and that there is no reason for the House of Republicans to delay the likely action.

In Obama’s perspective, the immigration reform will benefit communities across the country and will help to improve the economy of the nation.

Photo Credits: SCPR


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