Chinese tourists can now travel to the UK hassle free.

Britain is all set to further ease the visa application process for Chinese tourists. The announcement was made by the UK government on June 16, 2014. The recent development came as the Chinese Premiere Li Keqiang began his four-day visit to Britain on Monday June 16, 2014.


Insider sources say that the UK’s Visa policy in relation to Chinese citizens is one of the key topics on Li Keqiang’s agenda

Post this Autumn, Chinese visitors will be able to use the Irish visitor visas to travel to Britain without any need for a separate UK Visa.

Moreover, the pilot program which was introduced in 2013 which allowed selected agents to use a single application form while processing their UK and Schengen visa applications, will be extended to all other Chinese visitors applying to travel to the UK.

The UK government said that the extension has come after a positive feedback from tour operators. Figures from the British home office say that in 2013, the UK Visas and Immigration issued about 290,000 visitor visas to Chinese nationals, the figure went up by 40 percent from 2012 and is three times higher than that in 2008.

Sources said that there is also a possibility of the European Unoin streamlining their Schengen visa procurement process so that trips for Chinese visitors can become easier.

Photo Credits: Telegraph


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