The cute and fuzzy Funassyi in a pear costume has become a hit in Japan.

Popular fun character of Japan, Funassyi, who appears in a pear costume has captured several hearts in the nation. The short statured mascot’s humble journey begun with a Youtube channel two years ago, ever since then Funassyi’s popularity has reached dizzying heights.

Funassyi gets its namesake and costume from “nashi” or pear – a product the city of Funabashi is famous for. When he twists and screams “I’m so pretty!” on stage, the crowd – often full of adults – goes berserk!


In the world of bizarre mascots, the ‘yuru kyara’ which means gentle and laid back, has maintained a unique presence in the world of advertisements in Japan for several decades. On the other hand, Funassyi has managed to maintain a distinguished impression due to his hyperactive talking and dancing.

Funassyi’s has appeared on TV shows, commercials and ad campaigns all across Japan. Moreover, Universal Music Japan has also released its own novelty single. Funassyi and the iconic Japanese teddy – Kumamon – have together become the superstars of the Yuru Kyara Festival 2014.

Photo Credits: Morfae


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